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Hello, thank you for stumbling onto my page. I eventually plan on adding more entries (after I get off my lazy ass and draw/write some more things), so I decided to make a Master Post in order to keep things orderly. I do hope you are able to find something of interest.

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[Doujinshi] ZoSan: Rabu Hajimemashita

Rabu Hajimemashite
Title: ラブはじめました。
Circle: 139
Pairing: Zoro x Sanji
Rating: Work Safe
Page Count: 16
Scanner: ose93

I accidentally chose the "scan to pdf" option. I'll be uploading more this Friday,
so I will redo this one properly. Sorry about that, but I think this will only affect scanlators.


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On another note, I have a lot of other doujinshi that I want to scan, but I am unable to read the kanji on some of the covers. I suppose this isn't really a problem, but I do not want to scan something that has already been scanned. I did that with Dolce. Thankfully the link on aarin was broken so I basically provided re-ups.

If I post pictures of the covers, will anyone be willing to tell me what they say? It'd be great! And while I realize that not everything is posted on aarin, I like having some type of basis. Thanks guys. Look forward to 8018 and ZoSan this Friday~

Doumeki/Watanuki Recommendations

xxxHoLic: Doumeki/Watanuki

The Professor's Wife by Foolish Mortal
Summary: The students all said that Professor Doumeki had a wife who made him lunches and impeccably pressed his shirts. Watanuki found this hilarious. An alternate look on how the manga could have ended. (This is a truly magnificent story, I really wish things had turned out this way.)
Type: Chapter Fic; 11 parts
Rated: T

If You Only Knew by QuirkQuirk 
Summary: It's hard to love someone who has no idea that you exist. But sometimes in the end it turns out you were focusing your attention on the wrong person anyways... 
Type: Chapter Fic; 2 parts
 Rated: M